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Picture of Selected Bulk-Billed Appointments Offered!

Selected Bulk-Billed Appointments Offered!

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Picture of After Hours Services

After Hours Services

We have a partnership with Doctor Doctor Services for after-hours medical care. This service is available outside the normal clinic opening hours by ringing (03) 7038 4744 and you will be automatically diverted to their services.

Picture of Reminders


Our practice is committed to preventative care, and we may issue you with reminder notices or practice information from time to time in the form of SMS message. Please advise reception if you would like to withdraw from this free service.

Picture of Test Results

Test Results

Test results, including blood tests, x rays and scans are typically returned to us within 2-3 days of being taken. An SMS will be sent to you to notify you of YOUR results.

We always advise our patients to make a follow-up appointment for all test results and investigations to ensure a consistently high level of care.

*Please note, reception staff will not be able to access or discuss your test results. Please ring reception to book in for an appointment or book online via the online booking system.

It is important to update your contact details with us, in the event we need to contact you regarding your test results or upcoming appointments.

Picture of Telephone Calls to your doctor

Telephone Calls to your doctor

If you phone the Clinic requesting to speak to your doctor, you may be asked to leave a number on which you can be contacted. Most doctors return phone calls at the end of their session (either during their lunch break or at the end of the day). If the matter is urgent, either your doctor, another doctor or the practice nurse will be able to take your call immediately. Please understand that in many instances, the doctor or nurse will be unable to provide advice over the telephone. MHMC is very conscious of the risk of providing incorrect advice over the phone, and wherever possible, patients are encouraged to attend the clinic in person.

Picture of Electronic Communication

Electronic Communication

Individual Doctors in our Practice determine whether they communicate electronically with their patients. Please ask our staff your GP’s preference. Please note that all steps will be taken to securely send private information, but we cannot guarantee that records sent electronically will be private.

Picture of Care and Advice

Care & Advice

At McKinnon Hill Medical Centre, we offer several care programs for patients with various disease conditions. Our care programs will be specially designed based on disease condition and patient needs. Our well-trained multi-disciplinary team will take care of all your medical needs with utmost care and importance. Patients will be educated on their disease conditions, various treatment approaches with merits and demerits of the treatment, preventive and precautionary tips, and much more. The care programs are offered to patients with various disease conditions including diabetes, cancer, mental health, asthma and heart diseases.

If you would like to enquire about all available services or if you would like an appointment, please call and make an appointment

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