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Psychology is the study of emotional and behavioral characteristics as well as mental processes of an individual. At our Medical Centre, we offer a wide range of services in psychology to our patients such as family and relationship issues, parenting education, psychological disorders, and behavioral issues.

A person’s emotional and behavioral responses may get disturbed with problems in family, in relationship status, existing medical conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Family and relationship Issues

Family therapy aims in addressing the family related issues and improves the troubled relationship. Your psychotherapist collects detailed history from all the individuals of a family and analyzes the exact cause for the condition. Accordingly, a suitable treatment approach will be decided. Psychotherapy helps in improving the interactions between the family members and creating healthy environment. The treatment period may vary depending on the severity of condition.

Parenting education

Parenting education is one of the key steps to improve the relationship between you and your child and also helps in preventing your child developing psychological problems such as depression or anxiety.

Parents should have active participation in the activities of the child. Child-parent bonding should be improved. Educating parents, making them to understand the needs of a child, tips for better communication, would help to improve your child’s attitude as well as a healthy relationship between child and parents.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a condition of nervousness, fear, worry, and response to stress. Anxiety may lead to several problems including sleeplessness, lack of concentration, and impaired thinking. These conditions may affect your daily activities. Anxiety disorders are of various types such as

  • Post-trauma disorder (flash back on the incident that has happened in the past)
  • Phobia for different things (fear of closed places, heights, lifts, tunnels, water and others)
  • Social phobia (fear of social gathering)
  • Panic disorder (any sudden attack of terrors)

Anxiety disorders may be treated with medical therapy, psychotherapy, or by a combination therapy. Medical treatment involves the use of medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and beta adrenergic blockers. Psychotherapy involves analysis and counseling using various tools. A combination therapy includes both medicines and psychotherapy. Behavioural therapy is recommended for individuals with altered behaviouralcharacteristics which will change an individual’s response to anxiety.

Psychotherapy helps to confront your fears, provide an exposure to situations, enables you to desensitize yourself during such an anxiety situation.

Psychological disorders

Depression is one of the commonly observed mental disorders. It causes emotional pain, disturbs the mental status of children as well as other family members, reduces work productivity and may have a negative impact on the economic status of the family as well as society. Depression disrupts the normal functioning of daily activities and people with severe depression may harm themselves or develop suicidal tendency. Depression can be effectively treated with anti-depressant medications and/or through counseling. Counseling is also termed as psychotherapy. This therapy helps the depressed patients to understand their problems, make them cope up with their condition and avoid the further complications.

Behavioural therapy

Behaviour therapy is a treatment for patients who are suffering from emotional problems and behavioural problems. Your psychotherapist recommends behavior therapy for treating conditions like relationship problems, conflicts, divorce counseling, depression, sexual problems, eating disorders, sleep problems and many more. Behavioural therapy helps in improving the patient’s ability to identify, think, recognize; change the beliefs, thinking pattern; and brings about positive thoughts.

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