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Tailored Treatment: Improve your energy level through our personalised iron infusion services.

Prevention: Embrace a diet abundant in iron-rich foods, and promptly seek medical guidance if fatigue or anaemia persist.

Seamless Booking Process: Schedule an appointment with our specialised GPs in Iron Infusion. During your initial consultation, you'll gain comprehensive insights into the procedure and have ample opportunity to address any queries, ensuring an informed decision-making process.

Following the consultation, you'll receive a prescription for the required iron infusion medicine, which you'll need to bring along for the procedure. Subsequently, book a 1-hour follow-up appointment for the Iron Infusion procedure, where our dedicated GP and nurse will provide attentive care.

Booking Eligibility: We extend a warm invitation to all individuals to consult our GPs for eligibility assessments. It's worth noting that teenagers are now eligible recipients of this procedure, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and comprehensive healthcare for all!

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